PH.D./M.Tech./M.S.(R) Admissions
Academic Session 2018-2019, Ist Semester

PH.D./M.S.(R) Admissions
Academic Session 2017-2018, IInd Semester

PH.D./M.Tech./M.S.(R) Admissions
Academic Session 2017-2018, Ist Semester

  • All the GATE Qualified Selected Candidates for M.Tech. (Full Time) Programs (CEG, CEP, CES, CET, CEU, CEV & CEW) are being informed that their offers will be uploaded on COAP Portal in the second round.

PH.D./MSR Admissions
Academic Session 2016-2017, IInd Semester

  • The interview for Ph.D. / M.S.(Research) (Full-Time, Part-Time, Full-Time Sponsored) candidates for the various disciplines of Department of Civil Engineering will be held as per the following schedule:

    Interview Date and Reporting Time:
    For Ph.D. / M.S.(Research) (Full-Time, Part-Time / FT Sponsored): Wednesday, 7th December at 9:00 AM

    Reporting Venue:
    Room No 222, Block IV
    Department of Civil Engineering
    IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas,
    New Delhi 110016 INDIA

PH.D./M.Tech./MSR Admissions
Academic Session 2016-2017

PH.D./M.Tech./MSR Admissions
Academic Session 2015-2016