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Head of Department

Prof. Vasant Matsagar
Matsagar Vasant
[Ph.D. (IIT Bombay)]
Dogra Chair Professor & Head
E-mail: matsagar[at]

Areas of Interest: Multi-Hazard Protection of Structures, Earthquake, Wind, Blast and Fire Engineering, Fibre reinforced Polymer Composites.

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Prof. B.J. Alappat
Alappat B.J.
[Ph.D. (IIT Bombay)]
E-mail: alappat[at]

Areas of Interest: Environmental Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Incineration, Fluidised Bed Operations.

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Prof. R. Ayothiraman
Ayothiraman R.
[Ph.D. (IIT Madras)]
E-mail: araman[at]

Areas of Interest: Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Pile Foundations, Deep Excavations in Urban Areas, Problematic Soils and Ground Improvement

Prof. Suresh Bhalla
Bhalla Suresh
[Ph.D. (NTU, Singapore)]
E-mail: sbhalla[at]

Areas of Interest: Smart Material and Structures, Structural Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Evaluation, Bio-Mechanics, Engineered Bamboo Structures.

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Prof. Shashank Bishnoi
Bishnoi Shashank
[Ph.D. (EPFL, Switzerland)]
E-mail: shashank.bishnoi[at]

Areas of Interest: Cement, Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Concrete, Building Materials, Sustainability, Durability, Repair, Seismic Retrofitting and Strengthening of Structures.

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Prof. B.R. Chahar
Chahar B.R.
[Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)]
E-mail: chahar[at]

Areas of Interest: Seepage, Drainage, Canal Design.

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Prof. Tanusree Chakraborty
Chakraborty Tanusree (Ms)
[Ph.D. (Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA)]
E-mail: tanusree[at]

Areas of Interest: Foundation Engineering, Blast Loading in Soil, Soil Plasticity and Constitutive Modeling, Soil-Structure Interaction and Underground Construction in Soil and Rock.

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Prof. C.T. Dhanya
Dhanya C.T. (Ms)
[Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore)]
Rama Kanta Chair Professor
E-mail: dhanya[at]

Areas of Interest: Hydroclimatological Modelling, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory, Stochastic Hydrology, Optimisation in Water Resource Systems, Data Mining in Hydrology, Water Resources Management.

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Prof. Gazala Habib
Habib Gazala (Ms)
[Ph.D. (IIT Bombay)]
E-mail: gazala[at]

Areas of Interest: Aerosol Monitoring Characterisation and Modelling, Local Air Quality, Health and Climate Effects.

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Prof. K.N. Jha
Jha K.N.
[Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]
E-mail: knjha[at]

Areas of Interest: Construction Project Management, Project Success Factor, Asset Management, Schedule Cost, Quality and Safety.

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Prof. R.R. Kalaga
Kalaga Ramachandra Rao
[Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)]
MoUD Chair Professor
E-mail: rrkalaga[at]

Areas of Interest: Mass Transit Planning, Traffic Flow Modelling and Traffic Safety.

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Prof. D.R. Kaushal
Kaushal D.R.
[Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]
E-mail: kaushal[at]

Areas of Interest: Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Sediment Transport, Hydraulic Structures, Multiphase Flows, Slurry Pipeline and Flume, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flow Instrumentation.

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Prof. A.K. Keshari
Keshari A.K.
[Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur)]
E-mail: akeshari[at]

Areas of Interest: Hydrological and Environmental Modelling, Sustainable Development, Remote Sensing and GIS, FEM, Waste Management and Sewerage System, Policy Analysis and Risk Assessment, Snow and Avalanche.

Prof. Arun Kumar
Kumar Arun
[Ph.D. (Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, USA)]
E-mail: arunku[at]

Areas of Interest: Human Health Risk Assessment, Nanoparticles, Water Treatment, Uncertainty Analysis.

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Prof. Alok Madan
Madan Alok
[Ph.D. (SUNY Buffalo, USA)]
E-mail: madan[at]

Areas of Interest: Structural Engineering, Nonlinear Structural Dynamics, Concrete Structures, Computing in Structural Engineering, Structural Masonry.

Prof. Bappaditya Manna
Manna Bappaditya
[Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)]
E-mail: bmanna[at]

Areas of Interest: Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction, Pile Foundation, Machine Foundation, Stability of Reinforced Slopes.

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Prof. A.K. Nema
Nema A.K.
[Ph.D. (IIT Bombay)]
E-mail: aknema[at]

Areas of Interest: Environmental Engineering, Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation of Environmental Systems, Integrated Waste Management, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Prof. G.V. Ramana
Ramana G.V.
[Ph.D. (RPI, NY, USA)]
E-mail: ramana[at]

Areas of Interest: Geoenvironmental Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Waste Mechanics, Ground Improvement.

Prof. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo
Sahoo Dipti Ranjan
[Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur)]
E-mail: drsahoo[at]

Areas of Interest: Earthquake Engineering, Large Scale Testing, Supplemental Damping and Energy Dissipation Devices, Performance-Based Seismic Design, Steel-Fibre Reinforced Concrete.

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Prof. J.T. Shahu
Shahu J.T.
[Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur)]
E-mail: shahu[at]

Areas of Interest: Geotechnology for Roads and Railway Tracks, Numerical Modelling of Soil Behaviour, Ground Improvement, Soil Dynamics, Geosynthetics.

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Prof. A.K. Swamy
Swamy A.K.
[Ph.D. (Univ. of New Hampshire, Durham, USA)]
E-mail: akswamy[at]

Areas of Interest: Modelling Behaviour of Asphaltic Materials, Continuum Damage Modelling, Pavement Engineering, Rheology, Recycling of Pavement Materials.

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Associate Professors

Prof. Sahil Bansal
Bansal Sahil
[Ph.D. (NTU Singapore)]
Associate Professor
E-mail: sahil[at]

Areas of Interest: Engineering Reliability Estimation, Risk and Loss Modelling, Uncertainty Quantification, Structural Health Monitoring, Optimal Design, Rare Event Simulation.

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Prof. Sumedha Chakma
Chakma Sumedha
[Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]
Associate Professor
E-mail: chakma[at]

Areas of Interest: Settlement in Landfills, Gas Generation from Landfills, GIS Based Landfill Management, Bioreactor Landfill, Infiltration Characteristics of Different Vegetation and Landuse, Watershed Management, Water Contamination and Remediation, Open Channel Hydraulics, Contaminant Hydrology.

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Prof. Sri Harsha Kota
Kota, Sri Harsha
[Ph.D. (Texas A&M University, USA)]
Associate Professor
E-mail: harshakota[at]

Areas of Interest: Formation, Transformation and Chemical Mechanisms of Air Pollutants Near Roadways, Development of Air Quality Models, Estimation of Emission Factors, Source Apportionment of Air Pollutants, Regional Air Quality.

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Prof. N. M. Anoop Krishnan
Krishnan, N. M. Anoop
[Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore)]
Associate Professor
E-mail: krishnan[at]

Areas of Interest: Atomistic and Multiscale Simulations of Construction Materials, Mechanics and Physics of Glasses and Cementitious Materials, Radiation Damage and Nuclear-Waste Immobilization, Nanomaterials.

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Prof. Manoj M.
Manoj M.
[Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore)]
Associate Professor
E-mail: manojm[at]

Areas of Interest: Transportation Planning, Activity/Travel Demand Modelling, Long-Term Mobility Decisions, Travel Behaviour Data Collection, Built Environment and Travel Behaviour, Econometric Modelling.

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Prof. Nezamuddin
[Ph.D. (Univ. of Texas at Austin, USA)]
Associate Professor
E-mail: nezam[at]

Areas of Interest: Transportation Network Analysis, Transportation Logistics and Optimization, Traffic Operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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Prof. Prashanth Vangla
Vangla Prashanth
[Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore)]
Associate Professor
E-mail: pvangla05[at]

Areas of Interest: Interface Behavior of Particulate and Continuum Interfaces; Morphological Characterization of Soils Based on Digital Image Processing; 3D Printing in Geosynthetics and Granular Materials; Bio-inspired Geotechnics; Characterization and Quantification of the Pore Structures of Granular Materials; Site Characterization and Monitoring.

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Assistant Professors

Prof. Arnab Banerjee
Banerjee Arnab
[Ph.D. (University of Auckland)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: abanerjee[at]

Areas of Interest: Metamaterial, Structures, Wave propagation, Nonlinear Dynamics, Contact modeling, Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Bridges, Finite Element Analysis, Vibration, Structural Analysis & Optimization, Dams.

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Prof. Keshav Bharadwaj Ravi
Bharadwaj Keshav
[Ph.D. (Oregon State University, USA)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: keshav[at]

Areas of Interest: Thermodynamic Modelling, Concrete, Cement, Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Reactivity, Modelling Transport in Concrete, Durability, Low-Carbon Concrete and Sustainability.

Prof. Debayan Bhattacharya
Bhattacharya Debayan
[Ph.D. (IIT Gandhinagar)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: debayanb[at]

Areas of Interest: Constitutive modelling of frictional materials, Experimental and computational geomechanics, Instability and bifurcation in soils, Image processing and instrumentation, Mechanics of porous media, Numerical modelling of geotechnical structures.

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Prof. Sovik Das
Das Sovik
[Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: dassovik[at]

Areas of Interest: Bioelectrochemistry, Resource Recovery from Waste, Wastewater Treatment, Emerging Contaminants.

Prof. Saumava Dey
Dey Saumava
[Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: saumavadey[at]

Areas of Interest: Computational Hydraulics, Groundwater Hydrology, Surface Water Hydrology, Hydrological Process Modeling, Geostatistical Modeling.

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Prof. Ann Francis
Francis Ann
[Ph.D. (IIT Bombay)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: annfrancis[at]

Areas of Interest: Sustainability Assessment Tools and Frameworks, System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation, Lean Construction, Sustainable and Affordable Housing, Life Cycle Assessment, Building Energy Modeling , Green Buildings, Project Management, Construction Scheduling and Sustainable Supply Chains and Construction Methods.

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Prof. Sahil Garg
Garg Sahil
[Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: gargsahil[at]

Areas of Interest: Construction Management, Quality Management in Construction, Rework Management, Building Materials, Construction Technology and Practices, Contract Management, Non-Destructive Testing, Estimation and Costing of Construction Projects, Safety in Construction Projects, Project Management.

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Prof. Supratic Gupta
Gupta Supratic
[Ph.D. (Nagoya Univ., Japan)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: supratic[at]

Areas of Interest: Concrete Mechanics, Self-Compacting Concrete, Constitute Modelling, Analytical and Experimental Research of RC and Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Bamboo Concrete Composites.

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Prof. Pramesh Kumar
Kumar Pramesh
[Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, USA)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: pkk[at]

Areas of Interest: Transit Operations, Planning, and Real-Time Control, Emerging Technologies, Transportation Systems Optimization, Uncertainty Modeling in Transportation.

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Prof. Srinivas Mogili
Mogili Srinivas
[Ph.D. (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: sri[at]

Areas of Interest: Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Large-scale Testing, Reinforced Concrete Design, Earthquake Response of Structures, Seismic Retrofit and Resilience of Structures, Analytical Capacity Predictions of Reinforced Concrete Elements, and ML/DL Applications in Structural Engineering.

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Prof. Manabendra Saharia
Saharia Manabendra
[Ph.D. (University of Oklahoma, USA)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: msaharia[at]

Areas of Interest: Flood Forecasting, Land Surface Modeling, Radar and Satellite Precipitation, Statistics, and Machine Learning, Human Computation.

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Prof. Saikat Sarkar
Sarkar Saikat
[Ph.D. (IISc Bangalore)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: saikat[at]

Areas of Interest: Stochasto-deterministic mechanics of structures, Fracture and failure of structures, Composite and architected materials, Impact mechanics, Inverse problems, HPC.

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Prof. Deepanshu Shirole
Shirole Deepanshu
[Ph.D. (Colorado School of Mines, Golden, USA)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: dshirole[at]

Areas of Interest: Geotechnics, rock mechanics, rock physics, civil build materials, non-destructive evaluation, ultrasonics and acoustical techniques, imaging procedures, electrokinetic material mediation, damage analysis and healing.

Prof. S K Sinha
Sinha S.K.
[Ph.D. (UC Davis, USA)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: sksinha[at]

Areas of Interest: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Soil-Anchor Systems, Sensing Technologies, Numerical Modeling, Energy Geotechnics, Soil and Granular Mechanics.

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Prof. Arya V.
V. Arya (Ms)
[Ph.D. (IIT Madras)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: aryav[at]

Areas of Interest: Biological Wastewater Treatment, Physico Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater, Removal of Emerging Contaminants, Advanced Oxidation Processes

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Prof. Svetha Venkatachari
Venkatachari Svetha
[Ph.D. (Michigan State University, USA)]
Assistant Professor
E-mail: svethav[at]

Areas of Interest: Fire Resistance Assessment of Structures, Material Characterization At Elevated Temperatures, Retrofit and Rehabilitation of Structures, Multi-Hazard Modeling, Cognitive Design of Built Infrastructure, Evacuation.


Professors of Practice

Prof. S. Z. S. Tabish
Tabish S. Z. S.
[Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]
Professor of Practice
E-mail: szstabish[at]

Areas of Interest: Public Project Management, Construction Contract Management, Technical Audit of Work, Transparency and Good Governance in Public Procurement, Project Success Factors and Fair Performance.

Prof. Pawan Pandey
Col Pandey Pawan
[Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]
Adjunct Professor of Practice
E-mail: pvn[at]

Areas of Interest: Construction Management, Lean Construction, ESG (Environmental Social Governance), Project Schedule Optimisation.


Emeritus Professors

Prof. Manoj Datta
Datta Manoj
[Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]
Emeritus Professor
E-mail: mdatta[at]

Areas of Interest: Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Foundations, Geoenvironment, Landfills, Ash Ponds, Tailings, Ground Improvement, Slope Stability, Dams, Offshore Geotechnology.

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Prof. Mukesh Khare
Khare Mukesh
[Ph.D. (Univ. of New Castle, UK)]
Emeritus Professor
E-mail: mukeshk[at]

Areas of Interest: Air and Vehicular Pollution Modelling, Indoor Air Pollution.

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Visiting Faculty

Prof. Patrick Gurian
Gurian Patrick
[Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)]
VAJRA Faculty
(Funded by SERB VAJRA Scheme)

Areas of Interest: Risk Analysis of Environmental and Infrastructure Systems, Water Quality, Environmental Standard Setting, Bayesian Statistical Modeling, Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas, Community Outreach and Environmental Health.

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Prof. Venkatesh Kumar R Kodur
Kodur Venkatesh Kumar R.
[Ph.D. (Queen’s University, Canada)]
VAJRA Adjunct Faculty
(Funded by SERB VAJRA Scheme)

Areas of Interest: Experimental Behavior & Analytical Modeling of Structural Systems under Extreme Fire Conditions, Constitutive Modeling of Material Properties at Elevated Temperatures, Developing Guidelines for Fire Resistance Design of Structural Systems, Evaluating Fire Performance of High Performing Materials, Performance Based Fire Safety Design, Non-Linear Design & Analysis of Structures Under Extreme Loading Conditions, Failure Investigations, AI & ML -Based Techniques.

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Former Heads of Department

Prof. R.J. Cornish1961-66
Prof. Saranjit Singh1966-69
Prof. B.M. Ahuja1969-72
Prof. K. Seetharamulu1972-75
Prof. Saranjit Singh1975-77
Prof. A.K. Basu1977-79
Prof. S.K. Gulhati1979-80
Prof. Subhash Chander1980-83
Prof. T. Ramamurthy1983-86
Prof. S. Krishnamoorthy1986-88
Prof. C.S. Surana1988-90
Prof. P. Natarajan1990-92
Prof. A. Varadarajan1992-95
Prof. G. Venkatappa Rao1995-97
Prof. T.K. Datta1997-2K
Prof. S.N. Sinha2000-03
Prof. K.G. Sharma2003-06
Prof. A.K. Nagpal2006-09
Prof. A.K. Gosain2009-12
Prof. A.K. Jain2012-14
Prof. Manoj Datta2014-17
Prof. N.K. Garg2017-20
Prof. G.V. Ramana2020-22
Prof. A.K. Nema2022-24

Former Faculty

Prof. A. Varadarajan
Prof. A.K. Basu
Prof. A.K. Gosain
Prof. A.K. Jain
Prof. A.K. Nagpal
Prof. Amarjeet Singh
Prof. Anil Sawhney
Prof. Ashok Gupta
Prof. B.M. Ahuja
Prof. C.S. Surana
Prof. G.S. Benipal
Prof. G.V. Rao
Prof. Geetam Tewari
Dr. H.S. Gupta
Prof. J.M. Kate
Prof. J. Uma Maheswari
Prof. K. Seetharamulu
Prof. K. C. Iyer
Prof. K.G. Sharma
Prof. K.K. Nayar
Prof. K.K. Gupta
Prof. K. S. Rao
Prof. M.D. Joshi
Dr. M. Mallikharjuna Rao
Prof. M. Raghupati
Prof. N.K. Garg
Prof. P. Kumar
Prof. P. Natarajan
Prof. P.K. Jain
Prof. R. Kaniraj
Prof. R.P. Singh
Prof. R.P. Singh
Prof. Rajib Basu Mallick
Prof. Rakesh Khosa
Prof. S. Krishnamurthy
Prof. S.K. Deb
Prof. S.K. Gulhati
Prof. S.N. Sinha
Prof. Saranjit Singh
Prof. Shashi Mathur
Prof. Subhash Chander
Prof. T. Ramamurthy
Prof. T.K. Datta
Prof. V.B. Deshpande